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Search Engine Optimization And Its Effect On Designing

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Many website designers often aim towards building a beautiful and attractive website. In this process, sometimes, the purpose which a website wants to serve is lost. The main objective of a website is to help people know about the purpose of the website or what it is relevant to.

Search Engine Optimization is the most important way to drive the targeted traffic to the website. This is because of the fact that only proper search engine optimization will help in improved placement of the website in the search engines.

The major mistakes in designing

The most common mistakes, which most of the website developers and designers do from the point of view of search engine optimization are:

  • Making a website in Flash totally.
  • Giving images without alt tags.
  • Providing minimum or nonexistent meta title or title tag.
  • The search engine optimization experts know how to avoid these mistakes very well. The question arises, why is SEO so important? This is important because it makes the website relevant to the keywords during the process of search engine ranking, It starts optimally on the website as it is planned and built. The two most important elements of search engine optimization are keyword research and implementing the keywords organically into the website.

    Keyword research is again important because it helps to find the keywords that connect the website owners with the target audience. SEO specialists also suggest when and how to insert those keywords into the content.

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