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Trends In Logo And Graphic Design

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The world of logo and graphics design is fast-paced and ever-changing by its very nature. The competition in Bangalore is fierce and the companies hire only the best professionals in the field. Anyone in tune with the latest graphic design news knows this already. Most designers also keep in touch with the trendy side of the social media world because what is trendy is what sells. In graphic design, new trends keep popping up left and right and only the best people in the industry know how to make use of them. To be a successful designer, it is not sufficient to only have logo and graphic design skills – one needs access to the best graphic design resources as well.

Here are the top 9 graphic design trends:

  • Being Bold: In 2017, designers left behind the tried and tested monochrome and neutral color palettes for bright color schemes that offer a whole new look and vibe for designers.
  • >Overlays: The colored windowpane concept in designing is providing a fresh perspective in designing for certain. Colorful overlays are the next big thing for designs.
  • Minimalism: Making things overly complicated is a thing of the past. With everyone leading complicated lives, simplicity is more appealing to most consumers these days.
  • Geometric Strides: Subtle geometric patterns are present in the way the world is built. The symmetry of it all makes it beautiful and designers are now borrowing from Nature.
  • Fusion: Designing is done through several small components like typography, palette, and patterns. Using old trends in one aspect and new trends in others creates greatness.
  • Google Material Design: Using a simple tool from Google, designers can very easily put together different color palettes for the best look possible. Think new, think Google.
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