Movie Marketing Became Easy : Learn How!

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When we were young we used to eagerly wait for the movies and we never knew who is going to be the part of movie, the storyline, budget or even the location for the shoot and everything was in suspense. Earlier there were no Teasers for the movie, no quiz about movie, and a ton of things which are now in trend for promoting movies because there was no media or todays so called social media. But we cannot blame anyone for this particular thing, with time everything changes and we all know


In the olden times where people more focused on Traditional techniques like

  • Banners
  • Mouth Publicity.
  • Posters etc.
  • Paid advertisementin newspapers, magazines, and inserts in books.

But now the scenario it totally changed, I mean promotions of movies have changed drastically from olden time to present, Social media channels have come up and they are proven to be the best modes of approaching audience and movie promotions. Movie actors and directors are using social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for movie promotion. Even engaging people during making of a movie is a very popular strategy of movie promotion.

Disclosing movie name, first day of shooting, shooting locations, actor’s looks and outfits in movie, behind the camera videos and images not only helps in reaching and engaging audience but this is also a good way of doing publicity of movie and actors.

New Age Strategies of Digital Marketing for film promotion–

  • Pre-Release Video Advertising
  • Engaging audience during making of film.
  • Making Games on the plot of movie.
  • Visiting Reality shows for promotions.
  • Questions and Fun activities
  • Contest and Quiz
  • Positive words about movie from other celebrities and actors
  • Using Brand Partnership.

Digital movie marketing has proven to be a simple and effective way to help movie makers showcase more than what the film offers beyond the plot, cast,music, etc. In addition to regular on-ground promotions, an effective and well-executed digital campaign can get the audience queuing up at the box office to buy tickets and this was never possible with old media strategies, Old movies were dependent more on their star cast power.

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