Dont’s Of Digital Marketing For A Start-Up.

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Expectation and reality

1.Expecting the Success in One day

Most of the start-ups have a tendency to compare the stats of the other’s successful story in a digital marketing campaign. They feel that it will duplicate for them too over a night. There are various reasons behind if someone’s strategy became a success over a night. We can’t expect the same miracle for our campaign. We should have the patience to do trial and error.

2.Neglecting the Cost per Acquisition

Some Start-ups spend a lot in the campaign but didn’t cared about the leads generated through it. They were back to direct sales. Most of the cases, sales never generate without communication. A lead is almost of equal to sales if we nurture (follow-up) properly


3.Started Outsourcing To Freelancers
Another reason behind the failure. As soon as start-ups start their campaign, they hand over their campaign to a third party called freelancers because they work in cheaper rates and that’s when the problem arises because those people are unprofessional and do the work just for the sake of money and they really don’t care about the performance of the campaign they just want to earn money. This is what happens when we outsource to unprofessional, Amateur and freelancers. So, choose wisely and look for professionals, experienced and reputed companies who have a good track of record and If you have a lack of time, you can outsource, But at least you must track their day to day activities from your company. You must have a communication at least weekly basis.

4.Non-Customer Focused Campaign
End of the day, business will succeed if they get customers. But if we start focusing on the untargeted audience? Of course, business will fail. 42% percent of the start-ups, they spend their penny on the untargeted audience to build their brand name, social likes, and other impacts. But it didn’t work for them as well as they wasted their money too.

5.Social Media Ads are High Priority
When it comes to branding, social media are the vital stone. But if it leads generation, PPC or SEO is the right step. 32% of the start-ups wasted their money on a social media campaign, ended with zero leads. A brand name can build at any time when your business is stable. To stable your business, PPC or SEO is the right step.

6.Content is the king, don’t ignore it
You can’t replace the impact of the content with other strategies. Maintain a blog on your website, write it and update it regularly. Share it in social media groups and generate visitors or drive traffic.

7.Lack of the latest Technologies
Due to the latest technology, tools, and software, 8% of the start-ups failed in their Digital Marketing campaign. As a company, you must be updated with the latest technology to attract your visitors as well as to improve the performances. Be a Googler! Don’t waste your time for unwanted things. Digital components are kept on changing. Be updated with the latest technologies.

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