Role Of Social Media In Indian Politics

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One of the important components for most candidates is to take onto the millennial demographics on social networks. Millennials are the majority users of all popular social media channels. If a candidate can have an impact on this age group, they are most likely to share the message with others in their networks. When candidates share their message supported with photographs and videos, it makes them memorable to this audience. The goal is to influence these young voters and also to get their friends to vote.

And at the same time any wrong or misleading post will backfire right to the candidate. But, if used correctly, it could be a game-changer for the elections. The purpose is to have a positive impact of social media on Indian Election system

All major Indian political parties have their online presence through social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. Social networks give the opportunity for everyone to participate, interact in the social media election campaigns and also become political activists. It also gives them more information about the candidates and therefore helps in choosing them wisely.

Due to the larger number of young age people on social networking sites, Indian politicians realized that only way to reach the target audience is the use of social media, but From the very beginning, Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has strong social presence, and Social Media is changing world like anything, you can get news or any type of information first hand and even before the News Channels shows them, and Social Channels is taking over each sector now.

The BJP started using the social medium even before the 2009 general election. Mr. Narendra Modi who was the Prime Minister candidate of BJP and all other members of BJP had very high popularity and a reach to the general public using social media is as compared to any other parties.

For Politics social media is a good strategy to target a large number of people same time with ease and it is a two-way communication so you can hear what your public is saying!

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Here’s one good example of the power of Social Media

In Maharashtra, the ruling party – Congress was defeated. Congress was in power for 10 years. Whole and sole responsible person for Phenomenon was Narendra Modi. For the first time in India, social media was used so extensively during elections. The study shows that NaMo is the most active and popular personality on Twitter. Twitter including all other popular social networking sites. The news channels ‘exit polls became the key ingredient for success of Modi and BJP.


The revolution in social media is rapidly changing the world and that includes elections too. Social networks can be a viable way to promote an election campaign for an electoral candidate, especially an independent candidate with no political party backing on a low budget. So, proper use of social media in an election campaign can be a more effective tool for credible election rather than a conventional election campaign. In short even politicians now know the power of social media and they know how to use it too generally by hiring tech-savvy people to do their job! They know that it is a mass medium communication system and it is beneficial for them to win the elections and not only social media plays an important role, other platforms mainly WhatsApp also plays a very important role like Bulk Msg Marketing etc.

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