Role Of Social Media In Indian Politics

One of the important components for most candidates is to take onto the millennial demographics on social networks. Millennials are the majority users of all popular social media channels. If a candidate can have an impact on this age group, they are most likely to share the message with others in their networks. When candidates [...] Read more

CONGRESS Vs BJP: A Social Media War

BJP’s chief ministerial candidate BS Yeddyurappa has a separate war room, located in the tony Sadashivanagar neighbourhood, which is run by political consultancy Rajneethi. Operational since October, this office runs the 75-year old’s campaign and ensures his voice remains active across social media platforms. “He knows how social media works and how politicians use it. [...] Read more

5 Things Can Be Done : Facebook Cambridge Scandal

Another day, another data scandal with Facebook. Lawmakers in both the UK and the US are digging into Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, investigating how data analytics company Cambridge Analytica acquired and “exploited” personal identifiable data of over 50 million Facebook users. Meanwhile, Facebook is scrambling to avoid loss of users in the light of a [...] Read more

Dont’s Of Digital Marketing For A Start-Up.

1.Expecting the Success in One day Most of the start-ups have a tendency to compare the stats of the other’s successful story in a digital marketing campaign. They feel that it will duplicate for them too over a night. There are various reasons behind if someone’s strategy became a success over a night. We can’t [...] Read more

Movie Marketing Became Easy : Learn How!

When we were young we used to eagerly wait for the movies and we never knew who is going to be the part of movie, the storyline, budget or even the location for the shoot and everything was in suspense. Earlier there were no Teasers for the movie, no quiz about movie, and a ton [...] Read more

Epic Digital Marketing Fails Ever !!

What can we learn from these examples of failed digital marketing strategies? 4 examples of digital strategy failures that highlight good practices by showing poor practices. 1. Despite the fact that went spectacularly bust over a decade ago, it still offers a unique insight into one of the biggest and most costly digital business [...] Read more

Know About The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Technological advancement is taking place with each passing day. Owing to this modernization, the marketing strategies are also evolving day by day. In today’s world, Social Media Marketing is one of the best and undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing strategies. The strategy mainly involves using the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, […]

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Spice Things Up with Logo and Graphic Designs

One of the biggest industries in both corporate and freelance setups is the logo and graphic design business. The logo and design can be for anything – it can be for websites, visiting cards, company manifestos, and corporate events. The best thing is that with so many people in this space, these services are not […]

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Website Design-Why Is It Needed?

What Work Does A Company Website Do? A company’s website is its mirror image. This holds true for all the companies. Like every other developed city in this world, Bangalore also has many business houses. So, a website will be a much-needed aspect of all of these companies. Every company wants to make it big. […]

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Trends In Logo And Graphic Design

The world of logo and graphics design is fast-paced and ever-changing by its very nature. The competition in Bangalore is fierce and the companies hire only the best professionals in the field. Anyone in tune with the latest graphic design news knows this already. Most designers also keep in touch with the trendy side of […]

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