Mobile Application Development

In the past few years, smartphones have taken the world by storm with their impressive technological strides. Application development for mobile devices is a vast field that encompasses several details of development. Almost anything can be accomplished easily in the hands of an adept programmer within the confines of mobile application development platforms. The biggest platforms for mobile app development are Android and iOS and to date, there are millions of apps in the Google PlayStore and iTunes. The best thing about either Apps Store is the exposure that they bring to a developer for the price of a developer’s account.

Two of the biggest places of employment for programming experts worldwide are iOS mobile application development for Apple and Android Apps development. The other major area of focus is web development using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a variety of other languages. In reality, the world of web development is a different beast entirely because it runs on very different principles from the Play Store. Generally, coders use XML as the standard markup language in Android app development but the latest versions of the Android Studio IDE support any markup language including HTML5. Seeing as the language packs a lot of power with very little runtime and support for scripting and styling languages, it is small wonder that mobile application development using HTML5 is thriving.

Android Studio is one of the best Integrated Development Environments for Android to have ever been created. It comes with not just a source code editor, but also powerful debugging toolkit, and a lightning-fast Android emulator. A mobile application development platforms comparison is not an easy subject to debate even for veteran programmers and developers. The truth of the matter is that it depends on how comfortable a coder is with one particular platform. Based on experience, they are geared towards one platform. Using cross platform mobile application development frameworks hits the middle-out for hardcore programmers.

The best mobile apps cater to very specific needs and must, therefore, be programmed in a very specific manner. It requires a fair amount of expertise to carry out and execute. The best thing to do is to hire the expert services of a mobile application development company to get the app created. Mobile applications need to be constantly updated based on customer feedback and this may not be feasible for only one programmer to manage, especially for a consumer based application software. So, mobile application development cost varies from project to project based on certain parameters.

Here are the top reasons to hire an app development company:

  • Professionalism: Programming professionals work on hourly rates and as such, they are very ethical with the utilization of time. They get everything ready on requested schedules to satisfy their clientele adequately with their programming skills.
  • The Range of Services: App development companies are one-stop solutions to get an app ready. From conception to execution, all ancillary services required are also provided.
  • Quality of Service: Hiring a professional is always value for money. There is no doubt that a mobile application development company hires only the most skilled of individuals. This a brutally competitive market and the price is always right.
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