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Film promotion is the practice of making people aware of the release of a film and it is the best way of advertising and marketing for the film. It occurs in coordination with the process of film distribution. It includes press releases, merchandising, franchising, and interviewing the key people associated with it and a lot more. Film promotions affect how a film fares in a very positive way. A film production company is often associated with a lot of activities, right from the conceptualization of the film to its execution, to its release and a lot more. To avoid the hassles of promoting it as well, often they take the help of companies who are adept in promoting the films in the market in a unique way. Appscomm Technologies has been doing it for a while now.


Audiences are more tech savvy now. Internet has become a very important platform for     promoting the movies. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the known mediums and other than this we also do the marketing on various discussion boards, film poster sharing sites and film forums. We provide film ads in these media with professional expertise. Songs promotions is also our forte.


A film promotion company is a very important player in the entertainment sector. Also known as movie promotion and movie advertising, film promotion is a vital aspect to increase the revenue. We specialise in creating and implementing a cohesive and well planned out advertising campaigns for any kind of media platform like magazines, trailers, internet, billboards and a lot more. There is a high competition among quality movies nowadays. This has resulted in the film marketers also to engage in designing campaigns which will stand out among others. Much to the satisfaction of our clients, we at Appscomm have always turned up with the best suited strategies.


As a shout out to the movie production companies, you are all aware of the importance of an online entity of your movies. This should be done way ahead of the release of the movies. The concept of the movies should be well implanted in the minds of the prospective viewers. This is very efficiently handled by a professional movie promotion company like Appscomm. We ensure the maximum sale of the movie tickets to guarantee the maximum profit of the makers. Our film marketing strategies include theatrical trailers atleast one year before the release date. Then there is the official release of the movie website, where the visitors can view behind the scene acts, mini documentaries, plot synopses etc. Some of the movie offers include booking tickets for the premiere. Then we arrange for press conferences in magazines, newspapers and other TV shows. We also indulge in press junkets wherein the reporters, the journalists and the critics can gather in a single location for a weekend with the cast and the crew of the movie.


We, at Appscomm Technologies, have at our disposal, ample tools to know the audience and gauge their tastes to design the appropriate marketing tools.


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