Website - Design, Development And Hosting

Website design and development refers to a process for creating a website, maintaining it and making it popular. There are different steps involved in the same. A webpage has to be designed, started on World Wide Web and made successful by increasing its ranking and enhancing its visibility. Business of any size, needs website design, development and hosting. A small business would specially need it as a good website will only help it to attract potential customers. There are lots of things that should be taken care of. Even a slightest mistake can hamper the very existence of the business. Thus, help of expert professionals only should be taken in this regard. Website design, development and hosting revolve around the following activities:

  • Domain registration is the first activity that should be performed. A domain name should be bought for the webpage and the name should be related to the products or the services, the business caters to. This is done so that the people can easily get an idea about the business, just by looking at the domain name. A good domain name should be unique, easy to read, relevant and simple.
  • Creating the website is the next important step in web design services list. This step is followed after registering the domain name. The technical knowledge and expertise required to handle these services are found only in experts with years of experience. Many organizations, with affordable rates are available in cities like Bangalore to mete out these services.
  • Logo designing is the third important step in web designing and logo services. A website is rendered a professional look, only when there is a business logo in it.
  • Website hosting is the next thing to do. This is the procedure of officially connecting the website with the World Wide Web. There are various companies that offer web hosting services. Only those companies should be consulted, which offer professional service at low cost.
  • Website design, development and hosting remains incomplete without website maintenance. Just launching the website is not enough. It needs proper maintenance also. Static websites are also no more popular. The websites have to be continuously upgraded to remain competitive. Affordable web design packages are offered by many local companies.



  • Design: Logo Creation in accordance with the business objective, Landing Page Creatives, Template Design and Newsletter design.
  • Development: Web Application Development, Content Management System, Ecommerce Website Development, Mobile Website Development, Mobile Application Development
  • Hosting: We help you with combined website and email hosting plus domain registration. We provide friendly, personal and experienced support if you need it.

AppsComm has at their disposal a good team of professionals who can meet the specific requirements of their clients and give them tailor made solutions for their website related issues. For designing a suitable website, the help of a good company and their expert team of professionals is needed. AppsComm suits the bill perfectly, with its cheap yet dedicated services. Making a proper website is all about creating a virtual platform which will not only be visually appealing to the customers but will also prompt them to choose the company. A website should be the sole window to the products, services and above all the mission statement of the company. This is kept in mind, by this organization when they offer website design, development and hosting services.


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